WPA_SUPPLICANT (Fedora 13) - NetworkManager can not connect WPA-PSK -TKIP on IBM T30

Mr. Williams et al,

NetworkManager on Fedora 13 (IBM T30) installation can not connect to a 3CRWE554G72TU wireless router using  WPA-PSK -TKIP. The laptop has the latest updates and all the NetworkManager packages installed including GNOME GUI.

When I use NetworkManager it will accept the WPA & WPA2 proto and the Key,  applies and closes however when the network is selected a dialog requesting a WEP 40/128 Bit key pops up every time.  A Connection can not be made. 

The messages I see are the WAP_SUPPLICANT can not initialize the AP.  Also I see hostap driver is not supported although it is reported by man page as a supported driver. I believe that this driver is needed for T30 wireless and WPA-PSK.

Can you or someone assist  me in installing or making appropriate changes to my T30 installation?  I have tried the IRC #fedora route and no one knows much about this problem. Is the T30 too ancient?  It has been a faithful consulting tool. It needs to move to a working mobile LINUX platform for both wireless 802.11x  and a 3G Modem.  (PANTECH UM175 1xEVDO REV A)

Colin Rumsey



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