0.8 / OpenVPN certificate selection broken

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hello all,

i have v0.8 installed in ubuntu 10.04 (0.8-0ubuntu3) and i am trying to
create an OpenVPN connection but something very weird is going on with
the certificate selection boxes.

i originally setup the VPN connection on debian lenny, which uses NM
0.6.6, and it works great.  i created the CA and all of the server and
client certificates and private keys there too, using tinyca 0.7.5-2.

now i have copied over the CA and my user cert and private key to this
box with NM 0.8 and attempting to setup the same VPN connection.  after
filling in all of the required info, and selecting the certificates, i
clicked Apply button.  i also restarted network-manager.  the VPN
connection did not show up in the list of available connections
(left-click on NM icon).  the computer needed to be restarted because of
some updates and, after it rebooted, the VPN connection did show up in
the list of available connections.  however, it did not work "because
there are no valid VPN secrets"

when i go back to check the VPN's setting, the certificates have been
changed. for example, the User Certificate is now set to my ~/sbin
directory.  when i click on that to try and change it to the correct
certificate file, i am unable to select the file (clicking on the file
does nothing).  when i click the Open button, it seems to open a random
folder.  if i go back to try to pick the certificate, i can.  after
getting the right files selected again, i click apply and then
immediately go back to edit the VPN connection, and the certificates
have been changed again to different directories or files.  very weird.

i also tried to delete the VPN connection and recreate it, no luck.

i also tried to export the VPN connection from the debian computer and
import it on the ubuntu computer.  when i try that, NM on the ubuntu
computer says:

The file 'VPN.pcf' could not be read or does not contain recognized VPN
connection information

Error: unknown OpenVPN file extension.



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