Manage NM connections manually...

Hello All

I'm developing a kind of test software and now I need to deal with network. I have to enumerate wireless devices (done), create connection using them, activate it, ... , close it, delete it. I can't use NM system settings service due to it needs to have root password and it's very undesirable. I tried to add connection directly thru gconf database and nm-applet starts to see new connection but if any secrets will be needed or or previously supplied secrets became
obsolete nm-applet shows own dialogs and this is also unacceptable because my program has custom fullscreen interface. If connection cant be established user should learn it from me not from nm-applet :) So  the only way I see is to implement NM user setting service and do whatever I want even it doesn't seem to be easy task (but We have working example (nm-applet)) . But there's another issue I see:
AFAIK the only one setting service can be registered at a time, so when my program will start I'll have to stop nm-applet process and on exit I'll have to start nm-applet again. I dont like that there's possibility that after my program nm-applet will not run (crash in my program or whatever).

I'd like to hear your thoughts, advices about correct solution to my problem

Distributive: Fedora 13
NM 0.8.1
Lang: C/C++

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