Re: NetworkManager doesn't connect to my Mobile Broadband connection

Tassilo Horn <tassilo member fsf org> writes:

Hi again,

>> The log does tell you that a SIM PIN is required.  Perhaps that is
>> your solution?
> Yes,

This was wrong.  I mean, *NO*, that's not my solution.

I configured all that (see below), but still the connection doesn't get
established.  So do you have any other ideas for debugging what's going

Is there a way to see what configs are actually given to NetworkManager?
Since I can find many users in forums that have that stick running on
ubuntu with NetworkManager 0.7 and nm-applet, maybe it's only a
KNetworkManager issue?

> and I have entered that PIN in the KNetworkManager settings for this
> connection, in addition to the number called, the username and
> password (which are not relevant but must not be empty), and the APN.
> There's one empty field for the PUK, which I don't know.
> For Authentication, Compression and Echo I didn't know what settings
> to choose, so I've sticked with the defaults.


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