Re: Number of wireless scans before trying autoconnection

So far, trying to get this problem solved, I have made a initscript that runs before NM. This script enables the wireless interface and performs a couple of scans (iwlist).

Doing this (which performs as asked, finding almost all the networks in range), doesn't cause any effect on NM. NM still shows only a few of the available networks at startup.

Is this something that can be dealt with at device autostart or something like that. I would really appreciate if anyone could point me at any direction, since I'm a bit lost inside the NM code. Maybe the function that starts the network interfaces, and/or where does NM take the scan results from at startup.

Thanks in advance for any answers anyone can provide.


2010/7/13 Franco Miceli <fmiceli plan ceibal edu uy>

I have the following question: how many scans does NM wait until it calls the autoconnect (real_get_best_autoconnection) feature?

I ask this because the card the hardware I am currently testing (OLPC XO-1) has doesn't report all the wireless AP in range immediately.
That's why I want to either add a waiting period or something like that in order to hold on so that all the AP in range are available for choosing.

In order to do so, I need to know where in the source code I can find the line/s where the autoconnection gets called.

If anyone knows where to look for I would really appreciate your feedback.

Thanks for your answers.


Ing. Franco Miceli
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