Re: Network-manager not listing all networks

2010/7/3 Jacob Certain <jace42 gmail com>
I have two wifi routers. If I stand next to the main one with my
laptop I can connect and access the internet no problem. The other
router is in my office, and the bridging is messed up, so while I see
the essid and bssid using 'iwlist scanning' and nm-tool, I can't
connect to it. I should mention that the essid's are the same.

If the two SSID's are the same, then ANY system will understand that they're part of the same network (that's the difference from a BSS to an ESS).
Now, my main router's signal still reaches to my office, just not as
strong as the borked router in my office. I need to be able to connect
to my main router while in the office. I added entries for both in
network-manager, but it doesn't show them in the list when I left
click the tray icon! How the do I connect to the network I want?

I suggest you to pass a cable between the two routers (LAN ports), and disable the DHCP server from one of them.

This way, you will have one of the routers working as an access point, and you can move freely from one place to other. wpa_supplicant will detect the strongest signal and roam you to it. As they're linked by the cable, you will see no difference on using one or another.

If you can't deploy the cable, you have two options. The easiest is just change one of the SSIDs. The other is create two connections on NM, and bind each of them with the MAC address of the desired bridge.

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