Re: *MAJOR* NetworkManager serial/usb modem configuration problem in fedora 12

On 1/23/10, John Mahoney <jmahoney waav com> wrote:
> On Sat, Jan 23, 2010 at 11:53 AM, rick james <rj1961r9 gmail com> wrote:
>>  How do you configure v.92 serial/usb external dialup modems in Fedora
>> 12? All I see from NetworkManager are options for configuring wireless
>> modems and other hardware, which quite frankly is totally useless to
>> me but shows nothing dealing with usb/serial modems, but as can be
>> clearly  be seen below Fedora 12 itself sees the usb-to-serial port
>> cable I'm using with my laptop, while with various Fedora 12  live
>> cd's NetworkManager seem for some completely unknown reason and
>> idiotic reason seem totally ignore the serial ports on my main
>> machine.
> I do not remember network manager ever having support for 56k style dialup
> modems.  It probably sees the usbserial port and try's to detect a cellular
> data card which uses the same driver, but is unsuccessful and therefore
> closes the port.  I guess that is less idiotic then trying to create a
> cellular connection over a noncellular modem.
> --
> John

Then why the hell was system-config-network removed from Fedora 12? It
was never in *ANY* of the Live CD's beta testing Fedora 12, and when
people asked about it, they were given what can now be said was
outright double-talk about how the usb/serial support for external
modems that was a part of system-config-network was to be included in

Hell, if you read the WWW site for NetworkManager you'll get the
impression that it supports *ALL* networking devices just as
system-config-network did.

If NetworkManager had *NO* intentions of of supporting noncellular
modems then why was system-config-network even removed from Fedora 12
to begin with?

Someone was clearly *NOT* thinking here.

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