Re: *MAJOR* NetworkManager serial/usb modem configuration problem in fedora 12

On Sat, Jan 23, 2010 at 11:53 AM, rick james <rj1961r9 gmail com> wrote:
 How do you configure v.92 serial/usb external dialup modems in Fedora
12? All I see from NetworkManager are options for configuring wireless
modems and other hardware, which quite frankly is totally useless to
me but shows nothing dealing with usb/serial modems, but as can be
clearly  be seen below Fedora 12 itself sees the usb-to-serial port
cable I'm using with my laptop, while with various Fedora 12  live
cd's NetworkManager seem for some completely unknown reason and
idiotic reason seem totally ignore the serial ports on my main

I do not remember network manager ever having support for 56k style dialup modems.  It probably sees the usbserial port and try's to detect a cellular data card which uses the same driver, but is unsuccessful and therefore closes the port.  I guess that is less idiotic then trying to create a cellular connection over a noncellular modem. 


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