Re: NM vs clock (and liveCDs)

Marc Herbert wrote:

> Neal Becker a écrit :
>> José Queiroz wrote:
>>> Are you using VMware to host this VM??? There are various issues with
>>> VMware and clock on Linux guests.
> I have this problem with real hardware. _This_ time problem has nothing
> to do with virtualization.
> Most PCs have their hardware clock unfortunately configured in local
> time. But local time is useless when you are missing the time zone -
> which is exactly the case of any liveCD image. I do not think there is
> any way to get rid of such clock jumps when running liveCDs.
> See also:
>> No, VirtualBox.  I fixed it with clock -w --localtime.
> Could you please elaborate?
After using 'clock -w --localtime', I no longer see the clock jump, and 
dhclient seems to work.

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