Re: Static address and resolvconf problem

So, we must suppose that is resolvconf which at boot time modifies the /etc/resolv.conf file
 ereasing the nameserver options set by NM before boot time ?


Michael Biebl escribió:
Aldo Caruso schrieb:
That doesn't solve the problem: when I select static configuration and reboot, 
the nameserver entry is deleted from /etc/resolv.conf ( whichever it is, or other ).

José Queiroz escribió:
Why don't you install a dns server on your machine? This way you can
use resolvconf to fix "nameserver" to you, and never again
need to guess what is your dns server right now...

If you install resolvconf, NM won't touch your /etc/resolv.conf file (at
least in current versions of NM in Debian and Ubuntu).



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