Re: suspend/deactivate devices in modem manager

Hi Dan
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On Mon, 2009-11-23 at 16:12 +0100, Mark Haack wrote:
Hi Dan
Hi Ingo

I'm looking for a way to disable particular devices in modem manager.
(a) my application wants to handle a huwei device by it's own,
(b) without interupting the user for the configuration by the nm
applet, which means my app provides settings for it

As far I can see the device support is compiled into the mm as
plugins? Is there
a external, configuration (xml) file, which declares that product id +
vendor id belongs to a certain plugin.

The plugins each are responsible for detecting what devices they handle.
At this point it's a combination of driver name matching ('hso' for
example) and USB vid/pid matching.  I generally stay away from
explicitly listing devices in udev rules files (like windows .INF files
always do) because that's a huge pain to maintain.

But given that most configurations are not going to have multiple mobile
broadband devices, perhaps your configurations don't want to run
ModemManager then?


you´re right. For my configuration I choose the following design.
I stop the networkmanager if app begins the operation and restart it after all is done. So in that case, there is no competition with each other. App can handles all of its own, despite of all the wifi goodies in nm.

I would like to use more of nm, but there some missing crunch points

1. a modem manager fascade to use my own modem manager implementation dynamically 2. or a plugin api for UI elements to customize it. (there is dbus okay, but I cant stop annoying nm dialogs)


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