Re: suspend/deactivate devices in modem manager

On Mon, 2009-11-23 at 16:12 +0100, Mark Haack wrote:
> Hi Dan
> Hi Ingo
> I'm looking for a way to disable particular devices in modem manager.
> I.e. 
> (a) my application wants to handle a huwei device by it's own, 
> (b) without interupting the user for the configuration by the nm
> applet, which means my app provides settings for it
> As far I can see the device support is compiled into the mm as
> plugins? Is there
> a external, configuration (xml) file, which declares that product id +
> vendor id belongs to a certain plugin. 

The plugins each are responsible for detecting what devices they handle.
At this point it's a combination of driver name matching ('hso' for
example) and USB vid/pid matching.  I generally stay away from
explicitly listing devices in udev rules files (like windows .INF files
always do) because that's a huge pain to maintain.

But given that most configurations are not going to have multiple mobile
broadband devices, perhaps your configurations don't want to run
ModemManager then?


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