Re: Laptop lid response time and search domain questions


Are you talking about wireless network detection? As far as I know,
only root can initiate a scan, and lower users have to wait for the
system. I know NetworkManager daemon runs as root, so I mentioned this
for another reason. I can't say of a way to configure network manager
to do the scan with the opening of a laptop lid, though if you can
register a command to run when this happens, you could try and run
"iwlist wlan0 scan" as root, and thus force network manager to
immediately pick up the network.

I have found the same problem when using adhoc networks, and I usually
just force a discovery+connect by running this command on the 2nd host
after I have setup the adhoc connection on the first host.

I don't know if NetworkManager has any events triggered from ACPI. If
DBUS supports these events, it could be a good idea to add a listener
for them, and trigger a probe/scan when you open the lid, or come back
from sleep, just like it does when you first power up.

Beyond this, you can register a lid close/open event handler with
ACPI. Have a look at /etc/acpi scripts. Mine is under
/etc/acpi/events/lidbtn. You can try and do a scan command, or even
restart NetworkManager (might work).

On your second question. When "editing" the connection, on the IPv4/6
tab, there is a "search domains" field. You can add a comma OR space
separated list of search domains here, and when the configured
connection is established, your resolv.conf will be updated
appropriately. I don't think you can configure them 'globally', so all
connections use the same search domains, so if you want them for all
connections you need to explicitly add them to each connection.

Hope this helps.

Quintin Beukes

On Fri, Jan 15, 2010 at 9:01 PM, Dylan Martin <dmartin sccd ctc edu> wrote:
> Hi all, I've been trying to figure this out for a while, Googled,
> scanned the mailing list archive etc... If these questions have been
> answered elsewhere, I apologise deeply.  Pointers to pages answering
> these questions would be great.
>  1) Laptop lid response time
> When I open my laptop's lid, the nm-applet waits a seemingly random
> amount of time before it starts doing it's little dance and connecting
> to my network.  Is there any way to configure NM to connect
> immediately when the lid open event happens?  Is there a command I can
> issue that will make NM start scanning immediately, as in something I
> could call from a power management event script?
> 2) DNS Search domains
> Is there any way to add your own search domains to the resolv.conf
> when NM makes a connection?  I have servers I like to SSH into at work
> and I'd like to be able to type the short form of the names, so I'd
> like to stick my work domain into the search domains list no matter
> where I'm connected.  Is there a way to configure that?
> Thanks All!
> -Dylan
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