Laptop lid response time and search domain questions

Hi all, I've been trying to figure this out for a while, Googled,
scanned the mailing list archive etc... If these questions have been
answered elsewhere, I apologise deeply.  Pointers to pages answering
these questions would be great.

 1) Laptop lid response time

When I open my laptop's lid, the nm-applet waits a seemingly random
amount of time before it starts doing it's little dance and connecting
to my network.  Is there any way to configure NM to connect
immediately when the lid open event happens?  Is there a command I can
issue that will make NM start scanning immediately, as in something I
could call from a power management event script?

2) DNS Search domains

Is there any way to add your own search domains to the resolv.conf
when NM makes a connection?  I have servers I like to SSH into at work
and I'd like to be able to type the short form of the names, so I'd
like to stick my work domain into the search domains list no matter
where I'm connected.  Is there a way to configure that?

Thanks All!

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