Based on Dan's blog post I went in and scanned through the FAQ and
found that a lot of it was out of date or no longer applied.   I
cleaned up a lot of it (It is amazing how much more simple things are
with .7 and higher!) but more could be cleaned up if there was a limit
to what version we applied it to.

Is it safe to assume that most users are on .7 or higher?   I think
Ubuntu 8.04 users (LTS) will still be on 6.6, what about RHEL users?

If we still want to keep the information about .6.x users should that
be broken out into a second FAQ?

Note: A lot of what I updated was to remove some items that should no
longer be an issue like the signal strength issue on Madwifi cards
etc...   If anyone feels like I deleted too much feel free to let me
know or add it back.

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