Re: DSL under Wireless

Dan Williams wrote:
Then there's the question of what stage the PPPoE connection should run
at.  Each NMDevice object (of which Ethernet and Wifi are subclasses)
proceed from the DISCONNECTED state through a few others like IP_CONFIG
and such to the ACTIVATED state.  We still want to bring up the
underlying device's IP config, and *then* bring up the PPPoE
connection's IP config after that.  The internal structure of NM is such
that it's geared towards only one IP config at the moment, which is why
we currently don't try to set up the ethernet device's IP stuff, but
instead do PPPoE.

Surely you do not want to attempt to bring up an IP interface before setting up a PPPoE connection? Most services providing PPPoE won't have DHCP server responding on the same ethernet segment.

Perhaps the PPPoE config is better located on the 'IPv4 Settings' tab as one of the possible 'Method's?

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