Re: DSL under Wireless

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> > First of all, thank you guys for the great software, NetworkManager.
> > The only problem that I have with it is DSL connection. As all of us
> > know, today many DSL modems are equipped with Wifi which is much
> > better than ethernet. But it seems that NetworkManager doesn't support
> > DSL under wifi. My question is that why NetworkManager does categorize
> > DSL just under wired connecions? Why it doesn't provide a separate
> > menu for DSL connections like VPN connection? Is it better that the
> > type of permanent connection doesn't matter to DSL?
> Right now NM doesn't allow PPPoE over arbitrary interfaces, which was a
> design oversight when PPPoE got added.  That's not hard to fix, it just
> needs to be done.  When that gets done, we'll also add the ability to
> keep the local subnet IP address on eth0/wlan0 as well, which is often
> requested.
> PPPoE is more like a VPN than an actual connection method in that it
> creates a virtual tunnel interface on top of an actual physical
> interface.
> Dan

Dear Dan and other friends,

Have supporting of PPPoE over arbitrary interfaces been implemented? Can I update the NM code by myself? Which module must I update?

Alternatively, if the NM doesn't gray out wired connections even if no wire is connected, the problem may be solved, I think. Is there any way to do so?

Thanks a lot,


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