Re: two static configuration for a wired interface

Le vendredi 11 septembre 2009 à 02:30 +0100, Graham Lyon a écrit :
> Assuming that you're using Gnome (KDE isn't very different) you would
> right click the network manager icon in the system tray (you need to
> add this to your list of programs that gnome starts on session startup
> if it isn't already there) and select "Edit Connections...". You
> should now be faced with a tabbed configuration manager. Make sure
> that "Wired" is the active tab and click the Add button. Give it a
> sensible name and then go to IPv4 settings and add the IP address and
> netmask (you can add multiple IP addresses and netmasks to be active
> at any one time, as Dan has said) and fill in any other details as
> necessary. Do this for both configurations. You may also want to
> select "Available to all users" if you wish. Now, when you plug in at
> a different location all you need to do is left click on the network
> manager icon and select the profile relivent for your current
> location. Also, if these are the only two configurations that you wish
> to choose then you may want to delete hte "auto eth0" connection which
> is just the default created connection which does DHCP, though it does
> no harm leaving it there.
> If these instructions are a little brief then say so and I'll happily
> expand on them :)

Your instructions are perfectly clear and the solution fits my needs.

Thanks a lot.


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