Re: ipw2100 & Security mode:restricted

Thank you Dan for your answer.
I can set "Shared Key" auth mode in KDE NM editor.
And I did this on other notebook with KDE.
But Gmone nm-manager-editor doesn't show me this field (auth mode)
It has only "Type of auth" and "Value of key"
Dan Williams wrote:
On Tue, 2009-10-13 at 08:07 +0400, Sergey Smirnov wrote:
I use ad-hoc wi-fi with wep to connect few divice in home network.
One notebook (IBM ThinkPad R40) has Intel Corporation PRO/Wireless LAN 2100 wi-fi adapter.
When I joint the ad-hoc using networkmanager it set:
Security mode:open instead of Security mode:resticted
and network doesn't work.
If I manually set
iwconfig wlan0 key s:XXXXXXXXXXXXX resticted
network work fine.
After some time NM again reset key mode to open and network down.

Try choosing "Shared Key" auth mode in the connection editor.
Right-click on the wifi icon in the menu bar, choose "Edit connections".
Click the "Wireless" tab, adn double-click your adhoc connection.  On
the wireless security page, choose "Shared Key" auth method, then hit OK
everywhere and try the connection again.

I'm somewhat dubious that Shared Key is actually legal with adhoc, so it
may just be driver problems too.


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