RE: Problem with Simple.Connect

I thought the +++ escape sequence was rarely used. I've read that it's usually disabled to avoid malfunction in case these characters are legitimately a part of the data stream? 

If this is a workaround where do people suggest the intelligence be placed?

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Dan Williams wrote:

> But with DTR and without ATH, isn't the connection still active?  It 
> thought DTR transitions just broke into command mode so you *could* 
> run ATH.  I didn't think they terminated an active data connection too...

In the olden days of dialup modems, dropping DTR was the "official" way to terminate the connection. The sequence of "<pause>+++<pause>ATH\r" was considered a workaround, for the case when you had a three wire cable and the modem was configured to ignore (the absence of) DTR.


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