Re: Modern icons

I had already done some work on this, but didn't get time to finish. If
you like I can dig out the stuff I did but I think Dan already has them,
or they're probably in the list archive *i think*

Their are differences between mine and jimmacs and jimmacs aren't
free :/ but mine are similar and in some ways I think more appropriate.

See if you can hunt down the original thread, if not then I'll poke
around my crud heap of stuff until I find it :)


On Thu, 2009-05-21 at 16:21 +0200, stephane demurget free fr wrote:
> hi,
> Would it be possible to ship a more modern, Tango-ish icon set with NM?
> A lot of friends of mine and myself think the animation is blurry and more
> generally does not fit with the hicolor theme (which is mostly Tango nowadays).
> Jimmac's icons are really sexy:
> He originally proposed them here:
> and nobody really rejected them.
> What do you think? I think the new NM-0.7 has enough features to deserve a
> proper icon set :)
> thanks for the great software!
> --Stef
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