Bug in src/nm-gsm-device.c

Hi all,

I've just been bitten by a small bug in src/nm-gsm-device.c +443:

const char *responses[] = { "+CREG: 0,0", "+CREG: 0,1", "+CREG: 0,2", "+CREG: 0,3", "+CREG: 0,5", NULL };

If an external implementation has send '+CREG=1' those terminators won't work. I think that you should just check the last part of the +CREG response.

Tambet said that this file is no longer present in "trunk", although I'm following fdo's git and its indeed there, wtf?

Best regards,

Pablo Martí
http://www.linkedin.com/in/pmarti || http://www.warp.es
python -c "print '706d6172746940776172702e6573'.decode('hex')"

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