Re: Trouble waking from sleep

On Monday 11 May 2009, Dan Williams wrote:
> On Fri, 2009-05-08 at 18:47 -0400, Neal Becker wrote:
> > NetworkManager-
> >
> > After being connected to wired enet, going to sleep, and waking without
> > wired enet, results are random.  Sometimes wlan is connected seemlessly,
> > other times not.
> What wifi?  After resume, are there APs in the menu?
> Dan
> > In those cases restarting NetworkManager does not fix anything.
> >
> > Logging out/in always fixes it.
> >

Actually, it doesn't work correctly even on wired lan.  I just tried with 

When it woke, only loopback IF was configured.  In this case, restarting NM did 
fix it.

Looking at log, it is clear what the problem is.  There are no messages from 
NM from the time of wakeup until I restarted it!  

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