using nm-system-settings for the user settings


in NM clients, such as the GUI applets and the CLI of yours truly, a
fair amount of code deals with the connection settings. I got the
idea that the current nm-system-settings service could be
generalized to deal with the *user* settings too, so that one
program could run as two processes serving the two services. That
way the client code would be factored out in the separate settings
service. One could then even use the same connections from different
applets, unlike now when they are stored in KDE and GNOME specific

I started coding it, registering nm-system-settings at
NetworkManagerUserSettings, wanting to continue with the config file
location and PolicyKit restrictions.

Dan, Tambet told me that you intend to merge nm-system-settings into
NM itself. I am afraid that it goes in pretty much the opposite
direction than I would need. Could you share some details and
reasons for the merge so that we can try to make the ideas work out

Martin Vidner

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