Re: Moving ppp-manager into ModemManager

Hi Dan,

> > I was reading through the pppd code btw. and figure out a way how we
> > might be able to split this or reimplement in a more proper way. The
> > pppd code is kinda ancient and carries a lot of code that is not longer
> > be used in any modern distro. Need to play with this a little bit more
> > and figure out which PPP features we are actually need and which ones
> > are just pointless nowadays.
> Yeah, PPP code is icky.  But just like dhclient, it doesn't need
> rewriting.  There are certainly more worthwhile things to spend time on.
> It's got a responsive upstream who accepts patches, why not fix the
> specific issues you have and upstream the patches.

accepts that non of the distros feed their patches back into pppd
upstream right now. This is a big problem actually.

I am just looking into this from a pure academic point of view in what
is the minimum requirement to get PPP up. For example on a 3G network
that doesn't do auth or anything. Just pure PPP encapsulation.

And I do wanna enable PPP over RFCOMM sockets directly. That is just the
reason why I started looking into it. Since RFCOMM TTYs are just stupid
and painful.



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