Re: Weird request for blocking the scurge of the airwaves

I do not know if I would call that a virus, but maybe I misread the article so please correct me if I am wrong.  Also, your solution probably would be useful until someone started running the scam with "free Public Wi-Fi." and now your even worse off because you are no longer worried to log on since you think NM is "protecting" you.


On Sun, May 10, 2009 at 4:23 AM, Karl Lattimer <karl qdh org uk>
Not sure how many of you will have heard of this, I'm not sure quite how
far this thing has travelled but this "Free Public Wi-Fi" virus is
getting on my nerves...

Read a bit about it here;

I was wondering if we could have network manager just ignore ad-hoc
networks with the SSID "Free Public Wi-Fi"



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