Re: nm-tool doesn't show my mobile broadband card

I am surprised that "/sbin/lsmod option" solved your issue.
1. That is not even a valid command.
2. The driver should auto load on most modem distros.

If for some reason you really did have to manually load the driver. You would probably want to use "modprobe option" so that the usbserial driver which the option driver depends on is also loaded

I guess I am rambling and if it works it works.  I just found it rather peculiar that running "/sbin/lsmod option" fixedJohn your issue


On Sun, May 10, 2009 at 6:53 PM, Jochen Wiedmann <jochen wiedmann gmail com> wrote:

Never mind, problem was me: I had to load the "option" driver:

 /sbin/lsmod option

Now everything works fine.

Jochen Wiedmann wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a so-called web'n'walk stick. I managed to have it reported not as
> a USB drive, but as a modem by using usb_modeswitch:
>     [jwi mcjwi ~]$ hal-find-by-capability --capability=modem
> /org/freedesktop/Hal/devices/usb_device_af0_6971_Serial_Number_if0_serial_unknown_0
> /org/freedesktop/Hal/devices/usb_device_af0_6971_Serial_Number_if0_serial_unknown_1
> I also have created an entry under "Mobile Broadband" using
> nm-connection-editor. However, I can't get the stick to do any dial
> attempts. A possible reason might be, that nm-tool shows the Ethernet and
> Wireless devices, but not my modem.
> Any ideas, what might be wrong?
> Thanks,
> Jochen
> Additional information:
>     [jwi mcjwi ~]$ lsusb
>     ...
>     Bus 003 Device 003: ID 0af0:6971 Option
>     ...
> Matching entry from 10-modem.fdi:
>      <!-- Option -->
>       <match key="@info.parent:usb.vendor_id" int="0x0af0">
>         <!-- Colt,Ricola,Ricola Light,Ricola Quad,Ricola Quad Light,Ricola
> Ndis,Ricola Ndis Light, Ricola Ndis Quad,Ricola Ndis Quad Light,
>            Cobra,Cobra Bus,Viper,Viper Bus,Gt Max Ready,Gt Max,Fuji Modem
> Light,Fuji Modem Gt,Fuji Modem Ex,Fuji Network Light,Fuji Network Gt,
>            Fuji Network Ex,Koi Modem,Koi Network,Scorpion Modem,Scorpion
> Network,Etna Modem,Globetrotter HSDPA Modem,Etna Network,Etna Modem Lite,
> Etna Modem Gt,
>              Etna Modem Ex,Etna Network Lite,Etna Network Gt,Etna Network
> Ex,Etna Koi Modem,Etna Koi Network -->
>         <match key="@info.parent:usb.product_id"
> int_outof="0x5000;0x6000;0x6100;0x6200;0x6300;0x6050;0x6150;0x6250;0x6350;0x6500;0x6501;0x6600;0x6601;0x6701;0x6711;0x6721;0x6741;0x6761;0x6731;0x6751;0x6771;0x6800;0x6811;0x6901;0x6911;0x6971;0x7001;0x7021;0x7041;0x7061;0x7031;0x7051;0x7071;0x7100;0x7111">
>           <match key="@info.parent:usb.interface.number" int="0">
>             <append key="modem.command_sets"
> type="strlist">GSM-07.07</append>
>             <append key="modem.command_sets"
> type="strlist">GSM-07.05</append>
>           </match>
>         </match>

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