Re: [Sugar-devel] Sugar + OLPC mesh network selection logic

On 23 Jun 2009, at 00:10, Benjamin M. Schwartz wrote:

Gary C Martin wrote:
But, auto attach to any old public AP with no prior user selection?
That's just asking for trouble...

What trouble is that asking for?

A very fair question:

1) Many Public APs do not provide internet access and mangle traffic to go to their "pay us some money branded pages", long delays followed by strange errors can follow, if you don't understand this.

2) In some countries, connection to an open AP can still be treated as theft (though ambiguous), I guess you could argue the toss with some lawyer if you have the money, or hope the blame goes to who ever didn't know how to secure their AP.

3) Magically getting internet access via some automatic process hides novices from the fact they are using someone else's internet connection. A novice user is unlikely to realise the potential issues.

4) Automatically connecting to the AP of the 16yr old son of their neighbour, 3 doors down, may surprise some parents if they are touchy about their kids having open Internet access.


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