The folks over at have a great peer-to-peer vpn package which
could be a great alternative to Hamachi.  A Network Manager plugin
would certainly make n2n more accessible, going right along with the
nm design goals.  Using n2n is the simple matter of throwing a few
options to the binary on the command line - even easier than vpnc.
Unfortunately I know next to nothing about C programming.  I figured I
may as well take a stab at mocking up a glade properties dialog and
see if I can just do a whole mess of renaming vpnc to n2n and beat up
on the code until it compiles.  At this point I have not read enough
to understand much about how the vpn pieces fit into Network Manager
and integrate with dbus.  I cloned the git tree for
network-manager-vpnc and did my little glade hacking.  Assuming that
[step 1: spend a year to become a barely adequate C programmer] isn't
going to happen - for such a seemingly small project, am I up against
an unlikely-to-succeed task trying to get a network-manager-n2n up and

-Ryan Shea

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