Re: Network Manager does not find system wide connections

Alexander Sack wrote:
> Pleaes contribute proactively and confirm that removing stuff from
> there fixes the keyfile for you. Otherwise you waste everyones time
> here.

Removing stuff from /etc/network/interfaces was the first step
I tried for debugging.

Currently my /e/n/i contains

auto lo eth0

iface lo inet loopback

iface eth0 inet static

and nothing else. The problems I have with network-manager on that
machine are related to an GSM device (UMTS mobile phone connected
through USB cable).  I also tried removing anything but the lo
and it did not fix the problem.

   1. I do not see how an /e/n/i containing configs for lo and eth0
      could cause nm's trouble with gsm or other connections.
   2. Even if so, nm should behave similar for configurations put in the
      user's individual desktop settings or in the system wide settings.
      The problem occurs with the system wide setting only.
   3. Even if my configuration was wrong in any way and would make using
      GSM connections unusable with nm, then nm should not offer me the
      configuration assistant for the mobile phone at login time if a
      system wide configuration already exists.
   4. I, btw., cannot understand why killing nm-system-settings causes
      nm to take down eth0 even if eth0 is not managed by nm but by
      /e/n/i. How can nm be configured to deal with particular types of
      interfaces only (e.g. GSM, VPN) and keep it's fingers from eth0?

This boils down to the problem, that the nm-system-settings manager for
whatever reason does not find its configuration.

Even if my /e/n/i was wrong or incompatible, nm should behave
consistantly and issue any usefull warning or debugging messages.

> It is ok to express your opinion, but it does not belong in this
> thread for sure.
What would be the appropriate thread to express that nm suffers from
severe mis-design?

I do not believe that it was a good idea to use nm as a standard
software tool in ubuntu.


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