Re: Network Manager does not find system wide connections

Alexander Sack wrote:
> Maybe you have something configured in /etc/network/interfaces? I
> think there was a report that keyfile connections are not considered
> if there is anything configured in ifupdown.

Sure I have.

Some things need to be done without graphical desktops and
without trouble with interchanging between gnome and
kde. How would one update or repair a system that does not
start X for any reason?

I try to deal with eth0 over /etc/network/interfaces on some machines,
while using network manager for other connections such as UMTS
mobile phones as a fallback, or VPN connections.

Nevertheless, In my eyes it is inacceptable to choose such a
black-box-design for a tool that's so vitally important as a network
configuration. If it is just guessing and maybe try this, maybe try that,
and no way to do proper and systematic debugging, and if network
manager depends on so many other systems like notification,
gnome or kde storage and other things that nobody can survey,
then this is bad design. If you don't even know what it is doing and
why, and what's going on.

Sorry to say that, but network manager's design is pure bullshit.

(And btw. it absolutely does not fit into the debian/ubuntu environment.
Some time ago I issued a list of bugs/problems to the bug tracker,
but the main author simply did not understand why some things
need to be done and e.g. why four instead of just two configuration
phases (pre-/post up and pre/post down) are needed for proper
network management.  It is obvious that network manager was
designed by desktop people writing just another graphical toy
deeply interweaved with all that complex desktop APIs, but without
administration and network experience.

My advice is to throw it away and completely rewrite from scratch.
At least for debian and ubuntu.

network manager is really lousy software.


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