Re: vpn pptp reconnect feature

On Mon, 2009-07-20 at 19:26 +0400, Юрий Аполлов wrote:
> Hello, dear reader.
> I'm experiencing kind of unpleasant feature - my pptp connection
> breaks suddenly in random periods of time. So I guess it's gotta be a
> way to automatically re-establish connection. Like MS Windows do. I
> know, that this instability is because of my provider, but it is no
> difference for me. The main target is to free users from annoying of
> manual reconnect process. It really hearts =)

Yeah, reconnect of a failed connection (as opposed to a
user-disconnected one) is definitely on the list.  I was planning on
doing some of the work for that in the 'inhibit' branch in git, so you
can track that there.  It won't be VPN-specific at first, but the
changes there will help out the VPN stuff too.


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