i have problem with networkmanager and pidgin, which lasts for lot of versions (since i've started use debian etch before two years to now, when i am using Arch linux with networkmanager 0.7.0 and Pidgin 2.5.4). when i am try to connect to ims pidgin (Jabber,ICQ,IRC networks) my connection to network is lost, but network-manager applet looks like everything is still OK. I am using both wired and wireless network and i have to keep disabling/enabling network (using applet) for a while before i can connect to the internet (and reconnect pidgin some way). very often its needed to remove network cable from my laptop few times while im playing with network manager or sometimes it helps to remove cable, disable network, enable network, try to connect using wifi, launch pidgin and then connect to wired network (and it works also vice-versa if wifi network if blocked...). I wasn't sure if this should be reported to pidgin or nm devs, but it looks more like nm bug (network's not working even when nm says it is...). Note. i tried both pidgin compiled with --disable-nm and without it...


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