Re: Why my network manager is dead

Just to close this thread: several people on the ubuntu-uk list have now offered to recompile my driver for me and install DKMS so that these problems don't arise again. I'd like to thank the people on this list who offered helpful advice when I was till completely confused as to what my problem was. Cheers.

John Mahoney wrote:
I do not believe your posting this message to the correct mailing list. NM is user space application to configure interfaces and your issue appears to be kernel related. Yet, if you happened to update your distro and the update had a kernel update which replaced a separately compiled driver that was not included in the updated driver, that could cause your issue. If you are using grub it is possible your old kernel will still be a boot option. You can either select the old kernel at boot or edit your grub's menu.lst file to use the old kernel as the default. That should cause the computer to use the old driver again.


On Sat, Feb 21, 2009 at 12:56 AM, Rowan <rowan berkeley googlemail com <mailto:rowan berkeley googlemail com>> wrote:

    You will recall my messages about a machine with a dead interface,
    two days ago. The engineer at LinuxCertified has incautiously said

    "If you performed updates esp a kernel update, you will need to
    recompile the r8168 driver module"

    Now that I have grasped and faced up to what really happened (and
    it has taken a few days to put it together), I have sent them the
    following email:

    "I have received the LC2430S which I ordered. Unfortunately, it
    has become clear that the machine was sent out with its automatic
    online updater switched on, so that as soon as I connected it via
    Ethernet to the web, it downloaded a number of updates, and
    attempted to install them, thereby disabling the interface, which
    has been dead since. I consider this to be a faulty condition in
    the goods supplied, and I am completely dissatisfied with the
    response of your engineers. Unless you are prepared to arrange, at
    the expense of LinuxCertified, for a qualified professional here
    in London to promptly restore the machine to working order, I
    shall have to ask you to collect the machine at your own expense
    and provide me with a full refund, including the cost of carriage
    and import tax. If you are not willing to do this, I shall begin
    Consumer Complaint procedures against your company."

    I think that at the same time I myself can afford to hire the
    services of anyone here in London who is qualified to do it, to
    restore this machine to its previous working order (if necessary
    by using the system recovery disks, which I have). This would be
    assuming my request for a refund or replacement is refused, as I
    assume it will be. I shall then change the angle of my complaint
    so as to try to force them to re-imburse me for the cost of
    repairs. If any readers of this are in London and know of such a
    person, please post here.
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