Re: Where and how to install D02HW in ConnectionManager?

> From: Dan Williams <dcbw redhat com>

Basically I just wanted to confirm that I've seen your comments and
I'm trying to process them. My first attempts with the debugging
information you mentioned were very unsuccessful, but I'll try to
bang my head on it again. As regards any peculiarities of the H02HW
device itself, whatever they are, they don't pose any problems for
pon. It really feels like the minimal-effort approach is to figure
out what pon is doing and then try to make sure ConnectionManager
does the same thing.

One other alternative comes to mind. My real goal here is to share
the connection on my local network. That's partly because I often
use two computers at once and partly because I prefer to be farther
away from radio transmitters. The ConnectionManager says that it
supports connection sharing, but it won't share the pon connection.
Is there some way for me to tweak ConnectionManager so that it can
access and share the connection that pon is using?

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