kwallet / nm-applet issues in OpenSUSE 11.1

Dear esteemed list members,

Don't know if you can help me; and I also don't know whether my problems
are related to just my install.

I'm using OpenSUSE 11.1.  As of the KDE 4.2 release a couple of weeks
ago, NetworkManager was working on my KDE 3.5, KDE 4.2 (from OpenSUSE
Factory repositories) and Gnome desktops.

Shortly thereafter, I assume as the result of updates, I could not
longer connect in KDE 4.2.  It seemed that KDE 4.2 interface was not
properly accessing KWallet.  So, I switched to using a Gnome desktop. 
This worked for a week or so, and then I started having the same problem
with the gnome applet -- I'm repeatedly asked for  the WPA key, but the
connection cannot be made.

NetworkManager continues to work from my KDE 3.5 desktop with no
issues.  In fact, once connected, I can logout and log into either KDE
4.2 or Gnome -- and the wireless connection persists.  As far as I know,
the difference is that there is no KWallet/nm-applet encryption
interface for the KDE 3.5 desktop.

I am wondering if there is a possibility of a "cache" problem that needs
to be cleared.  Or, it seems also it may be that the program that
translates the WPA passkey to the hex passcode is broken?  (Just

Any help would be appreciated.  It was really surprising to see this
regress from working great to not working (and I certainly hope the KDE
3.5 version doesn't suddenly break too.)

But, as I haven't seen any other reports of this problem, I have to
consider it may somehow relate to my own install.  I tested in a second
account, just in case there was a corruption in my regular user account,
but this did not seem to make any difference.  (This is a x64 machine.)

I have some 586 machines that are not updated "current," but do have the
KDE 4.2 release -- and the problem has not yet arisen on these.


Barrington Daltrey

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