PATCH: passwordless TLS openvpn fails to connect with "no VPN secrets"

The openVPN plugin for NetworkManager fails to connect to a passwordless TLS
server, complaining of "no VPN secrets". This happened because the code assumes
that only static-key servers use no secrets, which isn't true. Only password
and password+TLS require secrets.

The attached patch makes the problem go away.


--- network-manager-openvpn/src/nm-openvpn-service.c	2009-12-21 01:54:27.000000000 -0300
+++ network-manager-openvpn-0.8~a~git.20091008t123607.7c184a9/src/nm-openvpn-service.c	2009-12-20 13:36:24.000000000 -0300
@@ -1000,8 +1000,9 @@
 	if (!nm_openvpn_properties_validate (s_vpn, error))
 		return FALSE;
-	/* Static Key doesn't need secrets; the rest do */
-	if (strcmp (connection_type, NM_OPENVPN_CONTYPE_STATIC_KEY)) {
+	/* Only PASSWORD_* connection types need secrets */
+	if (   !strcmp (connection_type, NM_OPENVPN_CONTYPE_PASSWORD)
+		|| !strcmp (connection_type, NM_OPENVPN_CONTYPE_PASSWORD_TLS)) {
 		if (!nm_openvpn_secrets_validate (s_vpn, error))
 			return FALSE;

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