Re: Networkmanager + Bluetooth


After some more testing I found out that NM is able to bring up the
connection when following these steps:

1. sudo rfcomm connect hci0 <bdaddr>
2. In nm-applet you can now start the already configured connection

My questions are now:
- Is it possible to lable the bluetooth based connections as "Bluetooth"
or whatever.
- why do i need to open the rfcomm connection? Isn't it enought to bind to
the mobile?

-- HG

> I am currently looking for way to use bluetooth based dial up together
> with networkmanager.
> Can someone give me an overview? What I'm looking for is
> 1. simple dialog for the initial pairing
> 2. an entry in nm-applet to bring up or disconnect the connection
> 3. I need to configure the apn + chap credentials.

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