Re: Multiple VPNs and resolvconf

Well, I am running multiple VPNs with the Debian init script (this thing
is really great !) and could live with it, but the problem is NM
overwriting resolv.conf so the DNS settings for the VPNs get kicked off
by NM.

I would suggest the following:

- not mark the whole resolv.conf file as "Generated by NetworkManager"
- mark every line from NM with a comment like "## networkmanager ##" at
the end
- when updating resolv.conf from NM, "grep -v '## networkmanager ##'"
through the file and backup everything that was not put in by NM, then
add new NM entries to the file

This would change nothing for the average user as neither functionality
nor simplicity is lost, but make life much easier fr the expert user.

And it looks like a 5 minute fix :).


Trey Nolen schrieb:
> I would like to second this request.  I frequently need more than one
> concurrent VPN, and right now I have to do it using virtual machines.
> Trey Nolen
> On Sun, 2009-08-09 at 22:10 +0200, Dominik George wrote:
>> Hi list,
>> are there plans for NetworkManager to support multiple VPNs
>> simultaneously? The applet currently only allows one VPN connection at a
>> time, I don't know if NM internally supports more.
>> Furthermore, NetworkManager really should honour manual entries in
>> /etc/resolv.conf so VPN management is posible with other software (NM
>> will override entries made by OpenVPN, etc. every now and then).
>> With kind regards,
>> Nik
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