Multiple questions about NM 0.7 on Debian

Hi all,

I'm testing NM 0.7 on a Debian based system with multiple NICs (server configuration w/o X11). After much tinkering and reading the ML archive, I must admit that I'm struggling to get things up and running. In particular, I have a few questions:

(1) Is NM meant to be used without a D-Bus session bus, i.e using the system bus instead ? For some reasons, my ini-type files are getting ignored so I tried using nm-connection- editor to spit out something of interest as described here [1] but it is complaining about not being able to hook up on the session bus (which does not exist since I don't have x-window on the machine)

(2) I used to rely on custom dhclient-exit-hooks (from dhcp3) to set up some policy routing. As I understand it, NM is relying nm-dhcp- client.action instead of calling dhclient. Is there a way of telling to call custom scripts after dhcping an interface ?

(3) I would like my resolv.conf to stay unmodified as I bring interface up and down. What is the best way to proceed ?

Appreciate any bit of help. Thanks



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