On Mon, 2008-10-27 at 10:39 +0000, Patrik Martinsson wrote:
> Hello all !
> Im using NetworkManager 0.7 in Fedora 9 and seems to have problem with the vpn connections, which is a shame because that is basicly the function i want to use :)
> Anyway, the question.
> How does NetworkManagaer handle the import of cisco pcf file ?
> What im really interested in is if it uses all the settings i have in that file ?
> Settings im wondering about is, 
> SaveUserPassword=0
> SaveGroupPwd=1
> enc_GroupPwd=[hash]
> Why im wondering this is because when i make a connection to my vpn network and i type in the right password, everything works well, but if i disconnect and then make second try to connect i want to type in a new password (couse we have these RSA secureID tags where we get our passwords from for each connection), however i never get asked/prompted to type in the password again, it seems like it tries to connect with the old password, which of course is not successful..I look at the debug messages and what I get is this,

Are you checking the "Only save group password in the keyring" box in
the auth dialog?


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