Re: Vpn Connections.

On Mon, 27 Oct 2008, Martinsson Patrik wrote:

> How does NetworkManagaer handle the import of cisco pcf file ? 
> What im really interested in is if it uses all the settings i have in that file ?

Openswan has a script on contrib/ that can convert pcf files to openswan
config files. However, the pcf file can contain an obfuscated group PSK. I don't know
if anyone ever wrote a proper deobfuscation program. There used to be something at which basically amounted to running the
cisco client through ltrace -i and read it from a memcpy statement.

> NetworkManager: <info>  VPN connection 'Connection to SMHI' (Connect) reply received.
> /usr/sbin/vpnc: noninteractive can't reuse password

If this is using XAUTH, Openswan now supports storing the XAUTH password in its
/etc/ipsec.secrets file (though I know NM would like to be able to just pass all
arguments to openswan)

Paul, who wishes he had more cycles to spend on integrating NM and openswan.

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