Re: stupid question - duplicated list ? (ALMOST solved!)

>And yet, Dan reports never having seen the phenomenon on Fedora 9 systems. Nor 
>can i find something similar online. Completely and utterly stumped.

I am sorry if i'm veering too much off topic. I suppose I should post this on the hal mailing list as well.

This looks like new a clue:

"ps aux | grep hal" returns a slightly different output before and after i restart haldaemon ( /etc/init.d/haldaemon restart )

The line that is different is:

(before restart):

hald-addon-input: Listening on /dev/input/event5 /dev/input/event8 /dev/input/event4 /dev/input/event7 /dev/input/event6 /dev/input/event1 /dev/input/event4 /dev/input/event8 /dev/input/event7 /dev/input/event6 /dev/input/event5 /dev/input/event1

(after restart):

hald-addon-input: Listening on /dev/input/event5 /dev/input/event8 /dev/input/event4 /dev/input/event7 /dev/input/event6 /dev/input/event1


On boot, every distinct /dev/input/event* is listed twice, on that ps aux line.

When I restart haldaemon, only distinct "event*" devices are listed (half the original set)

This is true on the two systems i'm testing with, although one has 5 distinct events, while the other has 7. In each case, the on-boot count is doubled (10 and 14, respectively)

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