issues with new wpa adhoc fixes


I tried the adhoc wpa fixes from yesterday and found some issues:

- i am connected to my wpa2 wifi network
- i create a new wpa/wpa2 adhoc connection
> when the connection should be established, nm dies and i have to
restart /etc/rc.d/networkmanager.
- when it has restarted, i connect to my home wifi, then switch to the
adhoc i was trying to create (selecting it from the list this time).
- i get connected to the adhoc connection, nm-applet shows the signal
strenght at 0, i.e. all grey bars.
- i try to switch back to the home wifi connection, but when i should
get connected, nm just always disconnects completely. again, restarting
the daemon fixes this, as above (although it hasn't crashed this time).
after restarting it, i can connect to the home wifi network again.


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