Re: Roaming & VPN


Thank you for your reply
What type of VPN connection?  Once we know that, there are a few things
to try.

The vpn problem was .... a very simple one, I didn't recognize that i didn't installed the pptp packet ...
Roaming is highly driver dependent at this point, though the supplicant
does control some aspects of roaming.  The supplicant doesn't terminate
the connection and roam just because there's a better AP, though it
could be a bit smarter here.

Some drivers roam whenever they want, but that's mainly the older
fullmac devices like airo and orinoco.  Yours (3945) uses mac80211,
where roaming will be controlled by the supplicant.  Thus, the fixes
should likely be there since NM leaves roaming up to the driver and

Are there options to control Intel driver for that (I think the intrepid ubuntu drivers a rather recent)?


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