Roaming & VPN


I am using the network manager applet 0.7.0 from the ubuntu intrepid repository. I was very impressed of the advancements of 0.7.0 and want to ask 2 questions:

I had in my profile a VPN network connection created with 0.6.
This connection was working in 0.7.0 until 2 days ago (automatic update to 0.7~~svn200810) Now I get "The vpn service was invalid" immediately after clicking on the vpn entry
(additionally I can't create a new connection - the button is disabled)
- what's wrong here?

I have many access points in my company, running with the same ssid and network setups
on different channels for roaming.
When I use windows or apple mac, the network managing "daemons" (if you can call that so in windows)
are switching without any delay to the strongest signal.
With the network-manager 0.7 I have to disable the wlan and rejoin the wlan again to switch to the strongest access point (and that is often only possible after restart of the machine).
Can somebody give me a hint here please?


HP nw9440
Intel Corporation PRO/Wireless 3945ABG [Golan] Network Connection (rev 02)
Ubuntu Intrepid beta and Ubuntu Hardy (with upgraded network-manager 0.7)

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