Re: multiple VPN (PPTP) connections at once

On Tue, 2008-10-07 at 07:14 -0500, Trey Nolen wrote:
> I would like to echo a need for this.   I too thought that NM .7 would be 
> capable of this and it was one of the reasons for me to try it out.

No, it's not yet capable of this.  I've done most of the work already
but it's too large a change for 0.7 right before a release.  I'd expect
it to land after 0.7 is out, but it'll horribly break the VPN plugin UI
which means we'll have to port all the VPN plugins over to it.  That, in
my experience, will take some time.


> Trey Nolen
> > I never really had big trouble using the NetworkManager-0.6 but when I 
> > heard about that the NetworkManager-0.7 would have the capability to
> >manage multiple active devices I instantly thought about my VPN (PPTP) 
> >connections; the usage within my linux environment was kinda
> > annoying compared to the usage I knew from my XP desktop. At XP I can run 
> > multiple VPNs simultaneously so that I can manage different
> > clients via RDP at once. I thought I could use them the same way with 
> > NM-0.7 now but unfortunately I still can only use a single VPN connection
> > at once (at least by using the GUI). Is anybody working on that feature or 
> > can explain if something can be done?
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