Option HSO device + NetworkManager 0.7

I have an Option Icon 225 (provided by Orange in the UK). I'm currently
using it with HSOConnect and a 2.6.27-rc8 kernel with the hso kernel
driver. However I'd like to get it working with Network Manager as that
seems like a much cleaner solution.

I'm running Debian testing and have compiled up the pkg-utopia packages
of NetworkManager (svn r4142) and network-manager-applet (svn r920).
That gives me a control panel regarding PPP connections, but plugging in
the USB dongle doesn't result in NM doing anything. I've tried
installing the Option provided udev bits that include some HAL scripts
regarding the modem. That makes NM show the device is available, but
clicking on it seems to result in PPP being invoked and failing.

My understanding (and experience with HSOConnect) is that PPP shouldn't
be involved at all for this device. What am I missing in terms of
getting it running under NM? I had a look at recent hal-info git but
couldn't see anything obvious?


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