Re: multiple VPN (PPTP) connections at once

I would like to echo a need for this. I too thought that NM .7 would be capable of this and it was one of the reasons for me to try it out.

Trey Nolen

I never really had big trouble using the NetworkManager-0.6 but when I heard about that the NetworkManager-0.7 would have the capability to manage multiple active devices I instantly thought about my VPN (PPTP) connections; the usage within my linux environment was kinda annoying compared to the usage I knew from my XP desktop. At XP I can run multiple VPNs simultaneously so that I can manage different clients via RDP at once. I thought I could use them the same way with NM-0.7 now but unfortunately I still can only use a single VPN connection at once (at least by using the GUI). Is anybody working on that feature or can explain if something can be done?

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