Re: NM 0.7 for Ubuntu Hardy?

On Thu, 2008-03-27 at 15:46 -0400, Brett Alton wrote:
> I've heard a lot of concern over NM 0.7 not being available in
> Ubuntu's next release (end of April, 2008), so I have a two part
> question:
> 1) Besides not knowing Ubuntu's inclusion policy, will NM 0.7 be
> completed before the end of April 2008?

I'd like to start the RC cycle near the end of April.

> 2) I've found with a couple of my clients who do not have broadband,
> but rather PPPoE (DSL), that they have to run '# pppoeconf' in the
> command-line. Will NM 0.7 contain a GUI for PPPoE setup?

There is some PPPoE support already in NM, but there isn't a GUI for it.
That GUI will be available by the time 0.7 is released.


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